Dear customer,

we will explain you how to play discs via applications Media Player Lite / Media Player eLite. However Windows has limitations for playback of license DVDs / CDs. Due to these limitations you can‘t play some discs using the application.

To be sure that the files from your DVD / CD will be played, please do the next test: 


Temporary copy a .vob file ~1 GB of size from DVD to the computer local folder. 

If there is no error, then you can play files. If the error appears, unfortunately you will not be able to play the files from this DVD / CD.


Please write to us about your results. Was it successful? 

Our team will solve your problems. Be sure in our brave support! 

In addition: 

if your disc won't play, we ask you to describe what do see during the problem and send us a screenshot. Also attach the file (so we can check it).

Many thanks!


Media Mobile Technologies

Support Team